Family on a Mission

Travelling Adventures with Kids


“Oh the places you’ll go, Today is the day!

        Your mountain is waiting, So……..get on your way!”       –Dr. Seuss

This is us, Simon and Tammy van Nierop, and our two kids Jesse(11yrs) and Olivia (9yrs).

This is us

this is the van Nierop clan

We have tried to take Dr. Seuss’ wise words and apply it to our family and not be restricted by the kids age, distances we will have to travel in our car, or remoteness but to rather show them the incredible world we live in any way possible.  This has mostly been through overlanding 4×4 adventures in Southern Africa with our faithful Mission trailer – which is what started our Family on a Mission moniker.

We live in Cape Town, South Africa and have taken them to some very remote and incredible places.  From Epupa Falls on the Angolan Border to doing the hectic 4×4 route over Van Zyls pass to sitting in the Kgalagadi overlooking a salt pan or watching the sun go down from our campsite on the edge of the Brukkaros Crater.

At the moment we have rented out our house for 6 months, taken the kids out of school for a term (we will endeavor to keep up with the curriculum) and we are traveling Europe and Ireland for 4 months on a pretty tight budget. We are cycling, campervanning and airbnbing and taking any opportunity that arises. We have very loose plans and just seeing where we end up.

Our future dream is to take them sailing for a few years.  This goal seems huge right now and very daunting, especially as our window for the kids optimal age (they say before 12yrs) is getting smaller but the amount to raise is not so small. We have a small Holiday 23 called Grace, that we co-own with friends.  She is our learning ground which will hopefully be traded in for our dream boat and our big adventure.

But getting from here to there isn’t just about the money, its also about choosing homeschooling systems that would work for Jesse and Livi.  Choosing what to do with our event flooring business, our house, animals and a million other not so mall decisions

So until then, here are some of our adventures, little things that have made travelling with kids easier and a yummy recipe or two which can be cooked over a fire or whipped up in a few minutes!

Enjoy our adventures with us!

Simon and Tammy

Simon and Tammy