The Author


My name is Tammy and I am the mum of two, wife to one and daughter of the Creator of all that surrounds us. I do most of the writing on this blog and posting on our Instagram.


I am passionate about showing my kids that there is more to life than a screen and that life itself is a big adventure, whether we sail, camp in incredible places or just walk in our back yard.  I love the quality time we get together when on our trips, building both memories, character and family bonds.

Based in Cape Town, I am privileged to work from home with my husband while being involved in my kids every day life. I love to cycle both mountain and road and do an offroad triathlon or two and take advantage of all the amazing places that surround us.  We spend a lot of time outdoors, and are always gung-ho to join in any adventure.

Even though we camp in some remote places, I believe that good food and a great glass of wine should never be forfeited!  And if all else fails, keep your sense of humor and it costs you nothing to show kindness.

So here’s to treasuring life and all its moments, both ups and downs!